Should I Take a Hair Supplement?

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Women and men across the globe are asking this question?

Hair problems are real, and while some are scary, there are solutions.

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As a major asset of beauty, everyone wants healthy and beautiful hair.

Hair supplements have been around for ages; but are they really good and efficient for hair growth as they are dubbed.

To try and answer these questions, let’s break down this guide to a few questions.

Over the years, research has shown that you can grow, nourish and maintain beautiful and healthy hair, inside out.

However, you should be cautious about supplements. This is solely because they are not FDA- regulated like medicinal drugs.

What this means is if there are some greedy and means manufacturers out there, they can easily mislead you into thinking that their brand is the best hair growth supplement there has been!

Be warned; be careful!

Most if not all supplements contain one of these hair growth ingredients; Vitamins, E, C, A, D, folic acid, and biotin.

Research further claims that after a few months of taking these supplements, the oil production of your scalp is speeded up hence making your hair start becoming longer, silkier and healthier.

Before taking these supplements, first, check if you really need them.

According to Dominic Burg, most of us already have the right amounts of vitamins in your bodies from our daily diets.

This means we may not need to take those vitamin supplements after all!

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Will Taking More Supplements Grow My Hair Faster?

Sadly, No!

Supplements are meant to be taken if you are deficient.

Therefore, if you take 5 times the dosage of biotin hoping your air will grow 5 times faster, you are lying to yourself!

This is how our bodies work;

When we take vitamins/nutrients, the body only takes what it needs.

What about the rest? It gets rid of it.

This means, if you take more than required, it will only go to waste.

Visit your doctor or specialist and establish whether you actually need these supplements.

This is your best bet to avoid wasting your money on supplements.

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However, Burg points out that there are many of us out there who are deficient of these nutrients and vitamins due to intense stress, dieting or even poor nutrition.

Burg continues to say that if the levels of these vitamins and nutrients continue decreasing, your body automatically redirects the few nutrients your body holds to more vital organs hence almost none is left for your hair growth.

This is the explanation as to why when you are super stressed and cannot eat properly, your hair becomes thinner, dull, dry up or even start shedding off.

Another hair growth hack; avoid the stress that makes you not eat right.

However, if you find yourself in such a situation (life happens), this is when you should take the supplements. They will go a long way.

So now, how do I make my hair grow faster?

You may be in either of these two situations; you are vitamins/nutrients deficient or you are not deficient and just want to grow your hair faster.

  1. If you are vitamins/nutrients deficient

Okay, so you came from the doctor and he said you are deficient of some nutrients.

The answer is simple; take the vitamin supplements in the right dosages.

It is also wise to eat right as you take the supplements.

The earlier you realize this the better. This is because you will replenish the vitamins before effects such as shedding of your hair start to take place.

  1. If you are healthy

If you are not deficient in any of the vitamins but your hair clearly needs to be healthier and silkier, then vitamin supplements are not for you.

Your best bet is making sure your vitamin levels remain optimal and take great care of your hair externally.

This may include using great hair products, growth accelerating masks, massaging to activate the follicles, not using heat frequently of your hair and also using protective styles.

Biotin for hair growth?

As discussed earlier in this post, biotin is one of the most common of B-Vitamins when it comes to hair growth.

However, discussion about its effectiveness has been there since time immemorial.

All in all, there has been no conclusive answer stating that biotin actually helps prevent hair loss and boosts hair growth.

Vivian Bucay, a University of Texas Health Science Centre clinical assistant, would have to take at least 5 mg of biotin to make a difference.

Melissa Kanchanapoomi, the founder of Entiere Dermatology, warns that although taking biotin may e considered harmless, there is a danger in taking too much of it.

One of the effects of taking excess biotin is affecting the validity of clinical tests. For example, the ECG test which looks at the heart can be affected if an individual takes excessive biotin.

We cannot insist this enough; love yourself enough to consult a doctor before taking these supplements.

In another article, we will discuss more biotin, specifically. Look out for it.

What’s the right form of hair growth supplement?

Supplements come in many forms; food additives, pills or tablets, capsules e.t.c

You might be wondering if the form of the supplement affects efficiency, and which is the best?

This question is best answered by your doctor, for you specifically.

This is because our bodies are different and react differently to certain things.

All we can advise is don’t mix them up!

Choose one type and form of supplement and stick to it.


Moreover, only take supplements that have been recommended and with a reputable record.

Avoid making decisions about things you take into your body from social media, from health forums, friends and relatives.

Each body is different; God made your body as a masterpiece, no one like it in the world. Keep it that way!

It is your responsibility to ensure everything that goes into your body is best for you; not for your friend, sister, or that model you follow on social media.

Some things are just too personal!

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