Modern Style: Best Ways to Dress Up in Modern Style and Look Elegant

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Do you know, people can judge you from the very first sight by your attire? Regardless of your beauty level, your fashion style speaks loads about you ad your personality.

Dressing is one of the most important parts of your personality and it is influenced by the change in fashion trends. If you are unfamiliar with the latest fashion trends you can get ideas from the latest fashion magazines, social media and other resources. You can also follow your fashion inspiration and look hot and stylish than ever before.

Let us discuss different ways by which you can dress up in Modern style.

Categorize Your Clothes

Firstly you need to review your wardrobe and separate your dresses on the basis of different categories like separately place the Tops, Leggings, Skirts, Shirts, T-shirts, Jeans, Pants etc.

You should also know which type of dress will look better for a specific occasion. You need to plan your dress and set it properly one day before going anywhere.


Causal wares are the dresses you can wear at home in your everyday life or going outside for grocery, jogging, exercise, or travelling. It includes Plain T-shirts, Polo shirts, turtlenecks, Jeans, Jackets, Blazers, Hoodies, Skirts, Shorts, Tops, Sundress etc.

You should try to choose the colour of your shirt and jeans quite smiler so that they may look good. While choosing a casual dress your comfort should be the top priority and you can wear light clothes having soft stuff like cotton or linen.

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These are the dresses which you select by your choice to wear on small functions like friends or birthday parties or going on a date etc.

It includes pants, printed shirts, stylish tops, long gowns etc according to your desire and the need of the event. Make sure to dress up in different styles in every function in order to avoid monotony.


These are the dresses that are selected for going to the office, business meetings, gatherings, conferences. It should be selected very carefully because it creates a very professional look.

It includes dress shirts, dress pants, pant coats, pencil skirts, sheath dresses etc. Remember, coats and ties are the most important things in business dress for men.

You have to wear a very professional dress and avoid any kind of printed, floral, jeans, T-shirts or other irrelevant dresses in order to avoid any kind of unprofessionalism.


It is the type of dress you can wear to different gatherings like friends get together, family reunion, family dinner, school meetings etc. It includes snazzy tops, suits etc.

This dress should be more elegant than simple, try to wear dark colour clothes in night events and light colour clothes in day time events. The fabric stuff of your dress should be silk or other refined clothes. If you wear too much tight or too short dresses it will not give you a decent look.

Black And White

This is a special clothing style in which a person mostly tries to wear black and white colour and prefers to dress up in their own style. Black colour is never out of fashion; it gives a more decent look than other colours.

It is equally good for both men and women but the need for time is not to wear your dress instead carry it in a way that boosts your final outlook.

Special Occasions

These are the types of dresses you wear at some special events of the year like Weddings, Christmas parties or Easter parties. The type and quality of fabric you select to go on special occasions should be high, mostly for this purpose silk and net clothes are selected.

It includes Shiny long dresses, sleeveless dresses, frocks, gowns, pant coats, stylish blazers or any kind of fancy dress. The dress should be according to your personality and should not be against your comfort level so that you may spend time with your loved ones without any discomfort.

Change Your Shoe Selection

You need to change your shoe catalogue and buy different shoes for different occasions like heels and fancy shoes for attending birthday parties and special events and boots for going to offices, sneakers for casual wear and sandals for semi-formal functions.

Different types of heels are used like Pencil heels, Wedge heels, high heels but the choice of heels should be according to your taste. Always try to wear different styled and different coloured shoes.

Select your shoes simply according to your comfort level and the event requirements. Your shoes should always compliment your dress, not fade its beauty.

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Use Different Accessories

You can use different accessories like Sunglasses, Hats, Scarfs or Jewelry in order to look different and special at every event. You can make your every outfit special with the help of accessories you wear.

Do not try to look prompt by putting on some much jewellery or makeup in every event rather choose only certain important parts of accessories and wear them differently at different events. You should also notice your inner wares because they also affect your final look.

For men the tie, bow and hat make them look stylish and better so they should try to use them with care. Similarly, sunglasses can not be worn anywhere; they look appropriate only for travelling or beach parties, not for other causal functions.

You should be choosy about the colour and stuff of your scarf, if you wear it, otherwise it is not needed all the time.

Try to wear watches of different styles and different colours, they give you a more classy look.

Try To Look Decent

The dress you wear is not just an attire but a reflection of your personality. You should never look too odd nor too hot instead try to dress up in a decent way in order to make your personality attractive.

Also, you should have your own personal choice in order to create your own style. You should not blindly follow the trend or your fashion inspiration instead try to mild everything in a unique style in order to create your own class and look different as well as descent from others.

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