9 Hacks to Hide Panty Lines: No more Visible Panty Lines!

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Visible Panty line can spoil your whole outfit!

You may be all donned up in that elegant, well-fitting red dress and a pair of gorgeous stilettos; but the sight of a visible panty line crossing your behind, is a bubble buster!

Some of you may not mind a visible panty line, but gal, it is not attractive!

Do not spoil your outfit, your slaying look or that long-awaited date because of a mere visible panty line!

No one deserves that!

So, I did some research on how to hide or get rid of visible panty lines (VPL) without having to go commando (that’s usually my last resort).

Besides being a great fashion trend, a print can be your savior when it comes to VPL. If you are not sure if your panty line will be visible, just wear a patterned piece; the busier the pattern, the better when it comes to hiding the VPL.

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#2 Textured or thick fabrics

Avoid clingy and smooth fabric such as silk or jersey if you are hiding a VPL. However much you want to show off your curves and rock that silk dress; with a VPL it’s a no, no!

Go for thick or textured clothing fabrics that will seamlessly blend with the VPL.

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#3 Use pantyhose or tights over your underwear

I know what you are thinking; that’s too much! What about the heat?

Okay, this may not be very suitable during the summer but on cooler weather conditions, this could be your VPL go-to hack.

All you need to do is wear the tight or pantyhose above your underwear. You will be amazed by how they will smoothen those VPLs. You may even forget you have them on…too comfortable.

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#4 Go professional- G-strings and thongs

If you can, any day, use what professionals use; G-strings and thongs.

Most times, professional stylists opt for these two. Irrespective of their comfort concerns, they absolutely get rid of the annoying VPLs.

#5 Old-school Slip

You may doubt if this works but it does. All you need to do is get rid of the static electricity by running the skirt and slip through a wire hanger.

You do not want that annoying feeling when walking around.

#6 Stick-on thongs

Yes, that’s right; stick-on thongs.

These are just underwear stickers that can even be washed or reused.

And as you might have guessed, they do not have a waistband. So, if you want to rock a very tight dress or an ‘all the way’ side slit; stick-on thongs got you!

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#7 The comfy boy shorts

If you are one of those who can’t stand thongs, boy shorts may be your best shot at managing VPLs.

The fact that their seam passes under the butt curve and not across it, makes them the perfect solutions.

However, you may want to get boy shorts that are seamless or have a lace seam/line to eliminate any chances of visibility.

#8 Use shape wear

This has been the ultimate solution for most women out there!

Their ability to give you the desired shape while at the same time forming smooth lines makes them a great VPL hack.

However, your comfort should come first. Do not ‘compress’ your body organs in the name of ‘that’ shape!

It’s definitely not worth it!

#9 Seamless panty

Last but not least, wear a seamless panty.

This is the easiest solution for everyone. However, make sure to choose well-fitting seamless panties.

This is because too tight seamless panties across your butt will definitely show panty lines!

You want to wear a perfect fitting; not too tight, not too lose seamless panty to get rid of the VPLs.

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