Drinking Water: Should You Consistently Drink Water? Here are 8 Benefits. You Have Been Missing Out!

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Water – the basic necessity of every living human being. The thing that has been referred has ELIXIR OF LIFE. About 71% of Mother earth is covered with water but this water source is unfit for consumption and domestic use. Only 3% of this liquid is edible for us where has rest are present in seas and ocean bodies.

But why do we need to consume water? and what are its Benefits?. And why it makes our Basic necessity? So here are some answers to these questions,

# 1  Acts Has A Source For Carrying Nutrients

Every cell in our body requires nutrients to carry out important life processes to keep them alive. And Important function is to carry oxygen to every cell of our human body has.

The human body is made up of 60% of water and also has it is the major component of our all body fluids it has to be maintained constant and also to ensure the proper working of all the organs including the heart and brain.

# 2  To Maintain Glow On Skin

Everyone wishes to have beautiful, young, and wrinkleless Smooth skin so here is the magic potent to achieve that. Water Reduces the Outbreak of excess Acne and Pimples, Blemishes, Wrinkles and many skin issues and promises you better skin.

Consumption of the proper amount of water results in proper and healthy blood circulation which plumps the cells on the skin and gives them a glow. And also the most important combination of Vitamin C and lukewarm water acts as a detoxifying agent or solution which not only provides an external glow but also acts as a Boon to the internal organs especially the Liver and Kidneys.

# 3  Problem Related To Digestive Tract

Water is an important factor for the survival of most of the organisms on this planet. Acts it’s an important role in human life too. People suffering from  Acidity, Constipation, and Diarrhea are suggested to have adequate consumption of water. Has water helps to digest the food with acids present in our Stomach.

Not only the stomach but for proper flow of food through the small intestine and large intestine requires the help of water molecules. By avoiding the consumption of an adequate amount of water or by dehydration Stools becomes hard and difficult to remove from the body.

# 4  Survival Factor For Kidneys

Has Research says water-related issues and Problems mainly affect kidneys most painfully or uncomfortably. Kidney Stones one of the most common kidney disease faced by people all over the world which is caused by the accumulation of calcium element in the kidneys which formally come together and form a stone shape which acts as a troublemaker for the filtration of water and toxins from the body.

It has been studied and scientifically proven that excessive consumption of water dissolves this calcium compound and eliminates it through the urinary passage. It is less Painful than undergoing laser therapy or surgical operation to be removed. Kidneys also play a major role in flushing the toxins out of the human body and also trying to maintain the constant body temperature by the hormones they are releasing and water plays a very vital role in this process.

# 5  Losing of Excess Stored Fat

The trend that is flowing now is the Water diet. It is nothing but consuming water only for 24 – 72 hours straight without any intake of food and any other fluid-like juices. Increased consumption of water results in lipolysis of stored fat and use as a source of energy.

It has also been observed that consuming water before any meal results in the loss of about 2kgs of weight. With minimum consumption of 2-3 Liters of water.

# 6  To Maintain Constant Body Temperature

Body Temperature That acts as an indicating factor that our heart is still beating. and the person is still alive. So basically by the hormone produced from the hypothalamus is an acting factor for body temperature maintenance.

But for the transport of this hormone and working of the hypothalamus which is present in the brain needs water molecules to keep the cells alive, active, and in the proper working state.

# 7  Working Partner With Immune System

The immune system referred has the cells produced from the body itself to fight against foreign agents entering our body or the cells that are having functional errors. Detoxication of blood fluids by the presence of an excess of water acts as a helping factor for the cells or White blood cells to fight more efficiently.

Detoxication can be identified as the removal of unwanted chemical substances that are either produced in our body or have entered by the outer surface. These materials are eliminated from the body through kidneys with Water. like uric acid in humans.

# 8  For Joints And Cartilages

Joints that are responsible for the movement of our hands, legs, neck, and fingers require the proper lubrication to perform smoothly and to avoid the pain Requires water has its helping hand.

Whereas for Cartilages water provides production of Synovial fluid which is responsible for lubrication in addition to reduce inflammation and to contribute proper circulation of blood through the joints.


  • So why do we need to consume water? Well, All the benefits and facts make it irresistible for us not to consume it. So technically speaking if we need to have a disease-free healthy life we need the water for the same.
  • But why is water makes our basic necessity? No wonder, it plays its role in one or another form in our lives so considering it has our survival factor will not be wrong!
  • Has a note consume 2-3 Liters of water daily to keep yourself healthy and your brain to be worry-free from any Tensions.
  • Being Healthy and Happy is not an OPTION but a MUST THING TO BE FOLLOWED without any opposition.
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