Fast Food Hacks: How To Make Tasty And Healthy Fast Food At Home

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Most of them love that Large bucket of fried chicken with extra mayo and ketchup. Oh! And not to forget that beef patty with an extra cheeseburger with large French fries and coke.

But on a diet and can’t have that heavenly tasty food.

Well not only you but many of us love those meals on the fact that we know they act as a slow poison in some or the other way. Why not experiment with them and bring that taste to our homemade food.

Here are some ways to prepare them but in a healthier way to satisfy our cravings and to maintain our diet,

Preparation Methods And Ingredients Needed

Here are some ways to prepare different types of fast food at home and of course try to make them a little healthier;

French Fries

French Fries: What makes the French fries named has unhealthy? There are two things mainly Oil that is used to deep fry them and an Excess amount of salt and Black Pepper. So here is the healthy way to prepare them,

Ingredients Required: Potatoes, Olive oil, salt, and pepper.

Steps to prepare: Cut the potatoes in thin slices or the shape of classical fries, Take out the baking tray and cover it with parchment paper,  Mix the cut potato slices with olive oil, salt, and pepper, toss them and put the slices on parchment paper bake them for 4-5minutes at 350 or you can also try to air-fry them at the same temperature, which makes them a lot healthier and tasty.


Burgers: Burgers have a pretty bad reputation because of the beef patty that has been incorporated in them. We can make them healthier by the type of beef we use always try to choose the 90% lean or higher or better if you want to try that beef taste but remain vegan the best suggestion for you are plant-based burger patties with more beefy taste but still getting plant protein. If going for turkey or chicken go for the only breast.

Ingredients Required: Chicken (Or any type of patty you prefer as above mentioned), Vegetables including tomatoes, lettuce, onion, chilly, jalapeno, and of course who can forget the only slice of cheddar cheese, whole grain buns, or pita bread.

Steps to prepare: Grill the meat in meat with no oil or a little amount of olive oil, if you want you can also slightly bake your vegetables to give the burger some smoke flavour, Stack up the buns with patty, vegetables, cheese, and some amount of condiments like mustard, Sriracha, ketchup, etc and here your burger is ready to go for your meal. But WARNING! It is still quite unhealthy.

Chilli Cheese Burrito

Chilli Cheese Burrito: That mouth-watering burrito that can just vanish your hungry cravings in just a blink of an eye. But what should we do with health? Here is the solution simple tasty and fun. Replace that ground beef and pork with Turkey or chicken breast a little taste compromise but health is the guarantee factor that has to be protected at any cost.

Ingredients Required: Chicken, water, condiments, spices, Pita bread, vegetables of your liking.

Steps to prepare: Take out a pot boil your chicken with water and salt boil till the chicken becomes tender, after that take it out aft cut it into lost strips or cubes. In a pan add all the chicken pieces with the little amount of olive oil toss till all the water is evaporated then add condiments like sriracha sauce and ketchup you can also mustard if you like it add a small amount of water and leave at a simmer for 2minutes,  on the other take a tortilla or pita bread roast in on pan for 1minute then add the chicken filling with the little amount of cheese and vegetables including slices of onion, tomato, green chilies, and lettuce. Wrap the burrito and it is ready to be consumed now.

Crispy Chicken fry

Crispy Chicken fry: We love to have that bucket of chicken fry with extra sauce and coke. The thing that makes them unhealthy is the oil that they are fried in.

Let’s keep the preparation way same but try to replace the deep frying session with baking them that makes them a little healthy but has a note put the vertical cuts on chicken pieces to make the bake easily you can also try the same with the air-fryer.

The best of these processes is that condiments and spices reach the inner parts of the chicken and make it taste even better than the original version.

Health Effects By Having Fast Food Regularly

  • We love to have that junk food knowing the fact that excess consumption may harm us here are the ways they harm our health,
  • The increased amount of spices and condiments especially salt may lead to an increase in blood pressure levels and also the risk of developing headaches and migraine
  • Fast food due to being fried most of the time leads to acne and pimples breakout and leave spots behind.
  • Indigestion and constipation are the most common digestive tract problem observed from excess intake of fast or junk food.
  • It has been observed that you will increase the risk of inflammations in your body which gradually slows down your body’s immune system.

The important has most of the fast or junk food is made by deep-frying they increase the rate of bad cholesterol in your body that will lead to irreversible health damage like diabetes and heart problems. And fat is also accumulated in your body.


Having fast food is not a bad thing. But having it daily or regularly without leading our body to exercise more efficiently leads to irreversible damage.

Take a break from your original diet and having food of your liking is like rewarding yourself for following your routine more seriously.

Always stay happy and have whatever you want but that should be within a limit and not cross it.

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