Lighting Décor: 9 Amazing Types of Ceiling Light Fixtures

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Sun is the natural source of light but what at night or your dark storeroom?

The types of light emerging from your ceiling also act as a source of your interior home décor and presently in these days, you will get hundreds of options just for the way to choose and design your house.

Light not only chooses your mood but also helps to lighten it on a stressful day. Many of us may not know exactly but there are different types of lighting options given for interior designing some of them are,

# 1 Recessed Lights

Recessed light is the type of light fixture directly fixed into a hollow opening in the ceiling. It appears like light is directly shining from the ceiling. The profit of applying these types of light is that they concentrate the light in the downward direction and leads to a narrow spotlight.

The only disadvantage of these types of lighting is that they are permanent and cannot be changed easily. They suit to houses mainly having IC “Insulating contact” and also to Non-IC home connections.

The types of bulb used in these types of lighting are directional lamps (R, BR, PAR, MR) that has reflectors and diffuse type (A, S, PS, G).

# 2 Flush Lights

Flush Mount Lights are the types of lights that are fixed directly fixed with the ceiling with no gap. The light is covered by a dome that is translucent and only suspended a short distance from the ceiling.

Enclosed ceiling dome the translucent dome mate with a ring that is mounted from the ceiling. They are ideal for a bathroom, a closet, and a living room. Bulbs most of the times used in these types of lights are LED and directional bulbs.

# 3 Semi- Flush Lights

Easy to install using mounting hardware. There is some gap between the ceiling and the light. They are often used in the kitchen, bedrooms, patios, and foyer.

It has a design that falls between a grand chandelier and a flushed mount light. It has a length of approx. between 4 inches to 8 inches from the ceiling.

# 4 Utility Lighting

The lights are commonly seen in your laundry room and basement. They are cheap and more effective compared to different types of decorative lights. They are large and flushed from ceilings. They mainly are made up of LED bulbs.

They are more energy-efficient. LED indirect lighting is also famous these days these lights can be controlled through our phones and we can change the color of light they emitting according to our mood.

# 5 Pendant Lights

Hanging light not only provides a modern and elegant look to it. They are also known as suspenders. We can observe these types of lights extended over kitchen islands or dining tables.

Many modern pendants are energy-saving low voltage pieces they mainly use fluorescent bulbs. They have sometimes considered has mini chandeliers.

They are most preferably placed 72 inches above the floor and about 30-38 inches above the kitchen islands or billiard tables. They are also used in many restaurants.

# 6 Chandeliers

Infancy parties and on roofs of many royal houses we can mostly observe this type of lighting decoration hanging from the ceiling. Classic chandeliers are particularly made up of prisms (The type of optic substance that can illuminate the light more effectively) and candles are placed to illuminate light more properly.

But modern chandeliers have LED lights combined with prisms that just light up the whole room brightly sometimes these designs also have small mirrors to completely refract and reflect light.

Present-day artificial chandeliers work perfectly as a source of home decoration.

# 7 Track And Rail Lighting

These types are mainly used during stage performances or the light that brings you to the spotlight there are many types in these lights some of the main types are H type, L type, and J type.

These lights have special types of electrical conductors that can change their color and move along the rods when hung properly. These are made up of directional lamps with reflectors they usually work on 12v voltage power.

These can be best used during important functions and dance parties which brings a new glow to the party. Modern versions of these lights are made in such a way that they have insulating strips within them and work automatically by a human-positioning system.

# 8 Metal Ceiling Lights

These are nothing but the type of pendant lights that are decorated with metal covering most of the metal used here are copper and stainless steel sometimes also decorated with rope designs.

They give an ecstatic feeling to the home. And also try to concentrate light in only one direction they are cheap and affordable they make a yellow flight fluorescent bulb look more beautiful.

# 9 Fairy Lights

Fairy lights or often called has Christmas lights. That is mostly used for decorative purposes These small lights are made in such a way that they illuminate different types of colors by blinking. They are mainly designed for festive uses they work on a small voltage.

In earlier days Christmas tree was decorated with candles which were replaced by these fairy lights during the 1960s they symbolize Christ being the light of the world.


A decorative piece has simple has to light changes our view the way we look around us even though there are a number of decorative items regarding lighting system like incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, metal halide lamps, and many such types but these are only a few types of decorative lights selected from them to make our home look brighter and beautiful in a positive way.

The fun fact is that we can make them by ourselves in the home with a little knowledge regarding wiring and socket fixing. Our home looks the way we design it more or less beautiful it is our own space.

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