Small Room Hacks: How to Make Your House/Room Look More Spacious

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We all need a comfortable and affordable place to live. Sometimes our place becomes cramped up with excess furniture that we continuously add to it. According to the top interior designers, the plan-out-before technique helps us create space for ourselves in our homes.

Look at your every room and ask yourself, “What’s the use of this room”, or “How can I renovate it most effectively?” Once you plan perfectly nothing can change your resolve.

So here are some ways or tricks to make your home look more spacious than it actually is:

Use light colors for your walls

Choosing the wrong color makes it seem perfect at first, but it starts to affect our mood and brain. The wrong choice of color for your walls is the primary reason for this.

Since light paint reflects the natural light in abundant amounts, shades of white, yellow, and tan are mostly suggested for the walls.

Add built-in cupboards and shelves

Cupboards, wardrobes, and bookshelves take in the extra space of a room. Building a closet within a wall will undoubtedly make your room appear more spacious. It will also help to keep the room more organized.

Mount your Television

The TV, as well as its stand, occupies more space in your home than you probably have. The best thing to do is to mount your tv on one of your living room walls. It will also give you a better view of the TV whenever you are watching. Moreover, it will free up some extra space that you could spread your legs out a little more than before.


Instead of creating an extra space for your mirrors, try to hang them on your walls as well. Netter still, hang them near your windows. This way, they’ll consume less space and also provide you with a clearer reflection.

Never try to cluster your mirrors in the corner of a room.

Leave some space on your walls

Don’t try to fit everything on the same wall. Try to hang your preferred paintings and pictures on different walls to make them look a little more organized and easily recognizable.

The less you cluster your walls, the more it will stand out. It is not necessary to hang all your pictures on your living room walls. Arranged just a few on the walls, and keep the rest neatly in a picture alum. Keep your walls simple and elegant in your own style.

Smart furniture

In this smart world, buying smart furniture is recommended for everyone. For instance, a bed that can be converted into a sofa is better than buying both the bed and sofa. You could also buy a study table that has more space for other things to fit in just one area.

An adjustable shelf is also highly recommended. The advantage is that smart furniture also helps you to save money in a fantastic way.

Ditch the extra furniture

You don’t need that extra table or chair if it is not necessary. Why clutter your home with extra bulky furniture when you can do better with some space? Declutter your space by keeping the minimum number of furniture. Your home will also look more organized and beautiful, especially if you have smaller rooms.

Lightweight fabrics

Try to avoid heavy fabrics if you want to feel some extra space in your room. For instance, thick and dark curtains will absorb more light and make your room look heavier and appear smaller.

Always try to select light material for curtains, like linen. The benefit of using lighter materials is that they make our homes look more open and spacious.

Change Your Decor

To create extra space for yourself and your items, try to free up some space within your house. For example, if you love reading in bed, you could change your bedside lamp to a wall lamp.

And if you love planting, windows are the perfect space for your plants. Not only do plants get enough light, but it also helps you to save your space in an excellent way.


To make the home look more spacious and beautiful, try different methods of lighting. It is highly suggested to use an LED lighting system because it is more energy-efficient and works perfectly to brighten up your room to a greater extent.

You could also place some decor like candles on your coffee table, on your bedside table, and replace your night lamp with a wall lamp.

Create an optical illusion

Your mind likes to play games with you. If that’s so, why not have some fun with it? Try to use stripes, for instance, to make the place look more elongated to your eyes than it really is. Stripes usually trick our brain into thinking that something is looking longer, whether vertically, like stripes on a rug, or horizontally, like stripes or continuous line structures on a wall.

Try to change your room setting

Having a living room doesn’t mean that you must have a sofa. You could try to do things a little differently such that people are inspired by your creativity.

For instance, try to change the original living room sofa with different unusual furniture like a bean bag, or a swinging chair that could hang from the ceiling, covered with cushions.


Home is not a place but, to be more exact, it is a feeling. There is believed to be no better place than your home that makes you feel safe and secure. I believe and hope that everyone knows that a home is not just a space with four walls and is covered by a roof; it is more than that.

Remember the happiness we felt when we returned home after a long day at school? Most of us loved the vibe it gave us. Standing near the window and feeling that gust of fresh air blowing through the house and touching our face.

These nostalgic feelings can never be suppressed. Small or big, our home was our home. Changing or renovating our house with only one main goal in our mind is to make it a better place better than it is at the moment. It enables us to live happily and comfortably with our loved ones.

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