The Ultimate Guide to Bread Types: Types Of Bread That You Will Definitely Enjoy Baking

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Bread has always been considered an important part of the meal in many countries. It may be on a cultural basis and Religious basis.

There are many types of bread made from different and unique ingredients all over the planet.

Here let us look into some different types of bread which people have and some of the unique combinations people like to have with them. Our list goes down here,

# 1 White Bread

The type of bread we use daily for having that sandwiches, either with turkey or ham that just tastes perfect with it. This bread has a high amount of potassium and sodium. They have a soft texture and a sweet taste.

# 2 Ciabatta

The white Italian bread is made from wheat flour, yeast, and olive oil. Per slice has about 50-55 calories.

It is used in making sandwiches it tastes best with cheese and olive oil with some parsley.

# 3 Bagels

Bagel is traditionally in the shape of a ring and made from wheat dough it is believed to be originated from Poland.

It is consumed with yogurt and maple syrup. It is considered to be the most common choice of breakfast in New York.

# 4 Rye Bread

One of the healthy forms of bread that most dieticians and Health freaks prefer is made with flour and rye grains that makes it extra healthy.

It has a different earthy and a taste of herbal tea unlike white bread it has a brown color it is made up of less amount of gluten. One can have sandwiches made from it or with salad.

# 5 Pretzels

The knot-shaped baked bread originated from Germany. They are not considered much healthy because they are high in salt and made of carbs. Which is the reason for the increase in blood sugar level and blood pressure.

If homemade with whole wheat is considered much healthier. They are extremely soft when first made. One can have it with honey, chocolate, and cheese.

# 6 Donuts

Donut and Bagel differ from one another with the fact that donut is usually deep-fried in oil whereas bagel is the baked bread product.

Donuts are no doubt an unhealthy source for consumption they are high in saturated fats it also has high amounts of sodium and Carbohydrates which act adversely on your blood pressure.

# 7 Pita Bread

These are the flatbread baked from wheat flour and are originated from the middle east. It is a great source of sodium and potassium.

Yeast is added to the bread to make them soft and goes well Pita pizza, Burritos, chicken sandwich and even it can be consumed with salads.

# 8 Croissant

The buttery Austrian originated flaky pastry. It originally has the shape of the crescent it is made from the layered-yeast dough one after the other and every section is layered with butter and it is somewhat similar to puff pastry.

Technically it is quite unhealthy to be consumed daily. If stored properly they remain fresh for 1 week.

# 9 Naan

One of the known types of flatbread that has been originated in the southeast part of Asia is specifically pan-made or oven-baked.

Mostly yogurt is used as a substitute for yeast for preparation. It is mainly consumed with gravies and Dal.

# 10 Tortilla

The thin, flat, circular flatbread. Which is particularly originated in Mesoamerica is the important ingredient for the making of Tacos, Burrito, and many such tasty dishes.

They are made from maize and wheat flour they are also made from corn.

# 11 Brioche

The bread from French origin is made from eggs and butter quite puffy in nature. This bread is quite unhealthy because they contain high amounts of carbs and fats it is more likely to increase your blood sugar level and causes inflammation.

Having it once in a while doesn’t harm much but daily consumption may take a toll on your health. You can have this bread has a pastry or with cheese and bacon.

# 12 Baguette

The long thin bread from French origin is made from lean dough. It is the perfect bread for ham and chicken sandwiches. It goes best with brie and camembert cheese. It also goes best with salads.

It is more healthy compared to other types of bread. Some of the dishes made with this bread are Bruschetta, French toast, Toast bread with chocolate, and many such dishes.

# 13 Multigrain Bread

It has the same nutrition content as whole wheat bread. But it is a healthier type of bread because it has oats, Rice, millets, wheat, and cereal in it. It suits best for the people who are more health-conscious and always observe what they have and whatnot.

It has less amount of fats and more amount of proteins in it. It goes well with a healthy veg sandwich. It has a soft texture some bread even has healthy products like soybean, sunflower seeds, linseeds, ragi, and many healthy ingredients.

Not to mention it tastes heavenly with the tomato soup!


Not all white-looking bread is healthy.

It was observed during the mid-1880s that in England most of the bread products were adulterated with poisonous substances like arsenic and chalk powder which made bread look more white and tasty but this was only due to food scarcity in that period.

But now times have changed and people get to know the value and nutritious importance of the food that reaches the plate. It may sometimes taste good and maybe bland but what it gifts you is healthy and happy.

A life through which you can travel, meet new people, discovering the history and who knows maybe to live a better way you are living now.

But a fact Never waste food in your life because someone out there is struggling for that bread.

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