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It’s Good to Believe in God Movie: Finding True Happiness & Love

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If you are a Christian, you know or believe in God, His promises and His acts. However, Christianity in modern society is corrupted by other more appealing gods such as fake friendships, love of money, selfishness and other vices.

The faith of Christians is tested; and sadly, most fail and fall for the false gods. They settle for temporal happiness, success and wealth; their faith in God is eroded when they get these temporal things. Only for them to fade away within a short time and they are back to suffering and desperation.

IT IS GOOD TO BELIEVE IN GOD, that’s the only way, as a Christian, you will live a life full of genuine happiness, true wealth and love. The movie shares a story of a couple who learned the hard way that it is good to believe in God.

The movie is based on a couple living and running a restaurant in China. They lose everything and fall into great debt due to the corruption of national officials. A friend offers them an opportunity to work in Korea so that they can pay off their debts, take care of their son and mother, as well as save to start a new business. Once in Korea, they are overwhelmed with work, having to work extra hard.

The lady starts questioning if their life will only be that of pain and struggle always; with no rest. She begins to think about believing in God (since she did not have a chance to do so in China where they persecuted believers). She later meets an old friend who is a believer and gains insight on how to become a believer. She decides to believe and even tell the husband to join her; he is reluctant at first. They are lucky to co-own and run a restaurant in Korea. Their lives are improving but they had to work extremely hard. She even became too busy to meet her friend and learn more about God’s word.

One day she collapses due to a problem with backbone due to overstraining. While in the hospital, she reflects on her struggles and what her believer friend told her about God’s word. Her friend visits her in the hospital and they read and discuss the word of God. Her and the husband understand why they have been miserable and feeling empty all through their life; they chased money and wealth, and never God. Later she is healed and they both decide to believe in God and study his word. The movie ends with scenes of the couple living a happy, beautiful and fulfilling life.

Watch the movie here; it will change your life! Share with your friends too.

Who Should Watch This Movie?

  • People who want to believe but are so busy and overburdened by their daily lives
  • People who want to change and follow God but do not know-how
  • People who feel empty and miserable
  • People who feel they care about material things so much but want to change and pursue God
  • Want to feel peace, security, safety
  • Seek the meaning of life
  • Want to escape the temptation of wealth

What Lessons Do We Learn from The Movie?

  • When faced with trouble, calmly reflect on your path and discover your weakness and rebelliousness, and seek the truth of God.
  • If you genuinely believe in God, He will save you
  • Always reflect on yourself, be genuine with God (not just so as you can receive His blessings) and God’s will be done in your life.
  • All your problems and difficulties will be resolved by God in time (if you believe in Him) and you will not suffer the constraints of wealth or status.
  • Satan corrupts people through cultures, leaderships, social trends, world pleasures
  • Only when one receives the salvation of God and His provision of life, will the yearning to explore, needs, and spiritual emptiness can be resolved.
  • The corruption by Satan is beginning of all problems in nations, families, communities and personal life.
  • We may struggle forever to attain our ambitions if we are led by evil philosophies and do not understand God’s will and place in our lives.
  • If you don’t believe in God, read and understand His word you will never know the real truth and heal the emptiness and misery in your life.
  • Genuine happiness and beautiful lives result from living according to the word of God and his ways.
  • If you don’t understand God’s word and live according to it, you will be held bondage to worldly ways and constrained by them
  • Money/wealth cannot help you escape emptiness; it only enables you to gain/buy pleasures of the world. (What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his soul? Matthew 16:26)


God is the giver of life and He sustains it. Only when we surrender our lives to God and live according to His word and teachings will we find true happiness and meaning in our lives. All we need to do is seek God through reading His word, attending nurturing gatherings that study His Word, and living according to His teachings.

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