A Letter of Inspiration: Patience & Persistence (A Lesson from the Chinese Bamboo Tree)

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I know you have been working very hard to earn your living, to feed your family, to achieve your goals, and take care of yourself the best way possible.

I know it has not been easy. The early mornings, the sweaty days, the long nights, the strict boss, and the never-ending problem-solving, strategising and planning.

Do not fret, do not give up or even entertain the thought. Let me tell you a story (real-life fact) about the Chinese bamboo tree. It is actually a very common story (you could have heard or read it) that we should apply to our lives every day; may it be in our careers, jobs, family or personal life.

Just like any other plant, the Chinese bamboo tree has to be planted using its seed. However, the seed is so hard that it takes approximately 5 years for it to grow and rise above the soil.

Do you know what that means? It means from the day the seed is planted; the planter has to wait for a whole five years to see the results of his labor.

It is to be noted that the planter has to water the bamboo seed consistently as required; attend to it by ensuring that it is safe from weeds and predators. And they have to do this for 5 years! (that is if they want to own a Chinese Bamboo Tree)

Be honest, can you be this planter? Patient and persistent for 5 years? Are you willing to continually attend to a seed (any part of your life) for five good years without seeing any results?

After the five years, the magic happens!

The bamboo seed breaks from the soil and begins to grow. We are not talking about normal growth here! The bamboo tree grows upwards 3 feet every day, and approximately 90 feet in only one month! We are talking about the growth of an inch tall every 40 minutes. How amazing is that?! You can literally stand there and watch the tree grow!

Now, think about this; what if the planter gave up in the first month, 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year or even 3 months before the 5th year? He would have never experienced this magical growth of his bamboo tree or even ever own the tree!

This teaches us the lesson on the value of persistence and patience.

How long can you work on (patient and persistent) your dream, your business, or be patient with your kids, your spouse or even your friend, before giving up?

This is a challenge to us all to practice the values of patience and persistence in every part of our lives. You do not want to miss out on the ultimate blessing, gift, and achievements of your life just because you could not be a little more patient and persistent on something or someone.

Strive to practice the patience and persistence of the Chinese bamboo tree planter every single day of your life!

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Enjoy, stay patient and persistent!

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