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Amber Laura Heard, has found herself in a lot of trouble after the leaked audio that she hit his ex-husband John Depp; following her previous accusations that he had physically and verbally accused her. This now brings a new turn in their already messy divorce proceedings.

So, who is Amber Laura Heard, really? Below we look at her life, inside out and revealing interesting facts you may or may not have heard before.

First, we all agree that Amber Heard is a beautiful, hardworking woman; who has worked so hard in her passion, now a career. She is a force in the Television and film industry as well as her fashionable lifestyle. Let’s start with the basics.

Amber Laura Heard

33 Years; DOB – 1986-04-22

1.7m (5 Ft 7 In)

Austin, Texas. American

David Heard & Paige Parsons

Whitney Heard

Slim (34-27-34)

137 lbs (62 kgs)

Eye- Moss Green

Hair- Medium Blonde

Dress- 6 (US)

Shoe – 8 (US)

Divorced- John Depp

Children- 0

Atheist (from age of 16 )

Some of these facts may shock you! Personally, I didn’t know that she was an atheist! Apparently, she turned to atheism after her friend was killed in an accident. What a turn of beliefs! Did you know that her shoe size is 8?! I could have never guessed.

Amber Heard's’ Career Life

With a net worth of $9 million (2018), you bet Amber Heard has a robust career that is very well rewarding. Do you think this is an overnight success? (as most people think many millionaires are). Big fat no! Amber Heard, having dropped out of school at the age of 17, had to work very hard to be where she is now. She started by getting a diploma course from home. She then decided to follow her passion.

How many people are lucky or even brave enough to follow their passion; even though it is not rewarding at first? The selected few! Here is the lesson we can learn from Amber; You have and know your passion, go for it. You will reap the fruits, which are with no doubt success fruits.

Below is a list of some major films and Television series Amber Heard has been featured in. You can have the pleasure of watching them here.

(Click on each movie title to watch the trailer or get full details)

Let’s be honest, those are a lot of movies for a 33 year old actress; especially the fact that most are good movies (at least according to me).

Notably, in 2018, Amber Heard was appointed the global spokesperson for the cosmetics giant  L’Oréal Paris. This is a big one! Representing such a strong, luxurious brand is no joke! Its a killing! Congrats to Amber…her hard work is paying off. A wise man said, ‘people notice your hard work even if they don’t say it’. That’d how it pays off; they come to you!

Do you know it took Amber 5 good years to get a breakthrough?! From 2003 to 2008.

In 2008, she was awarded the Breakthrough Award at Young Hollywood Awards.

You know what this means, there is hope for every one, me and you; we can achieve our dreams only if we keep at it with persistence and patience.

Amber Heard’s Activism and Charity

Amber Heard is one brilliant woman whose life mission goes further than a shining career and being a millionaire celebrity. She is an ambassador and activist for domestic and sexual violence and LGBTQ rights. This is a big course; one that spreads across the lives of the helpless, the voiceless and the victims. It takes a big heart and a strong will to lead a fight against these vices that are ruining our society.

She also held the ambassadorial position as a Human Rights Champion for the Stand Up for Human Rights campaign hosted by  Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; besides being an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) ambassador.

Did you know that the $70 million divorce settlement she received from ex-husband John Depp she it to charity? What a woman with a big heart!

Another surprising fact, Amber also worked in to music videos; ‘I Wasn’t Prepared’ and ‘There Goes My Life’

Amber Heard’s Diet Routine

Amber Heard is a vegetarian and her favorite food is Miso Soup. Mmh, who would have guessed!

Her diet is simple and basic which involves avoiding processed foods and eating clean. We are talking about vegetables, lean proteins, and natural & whole foods.

How about Amber Heard’s beauty regime?

Amber Heard said, “I love how lightweight Suki tinted moisturizer is. When working, I often have to wear heavy makeup, so in my day to day life Suki products give my skin a much-needed break and flawless glow”.

She has been known to use bronzers, both for her red carpet as well as her normal days to bring out her cheeks’ contours seamlessly.

Amber advises that eating right and working out is the best ant-aging regime there is!  “Once you start working out, you feel better and it becomes something you make time to do,”

Amber Heard’s Workout Routine

Amber Heard is not a gym fan…surprise supervise! Even with that fit body, she does not like hitting the gym. In her own words, “I’m pretty active. I’m just not into hitting the gym. I don’t like the idea of going into a place and having a set routine. I do move, I do workout. I like to hike, I run, I ride horses. I just like to keep it fun and mix it up.”

According to the Superhero Jacked blog, she adheres to a strict workout routine for 3-5 days per week.  The routine comprises of cardio and workout activities. For cardio, she mainly does; treadmill, elliptical, bike, stair master. While for activities she does; yoga, Pilates, MMA training or even sports and hiking.

This is her advice, “If you want to do something, you find away.” For her, eating healthy and working out is the key to a great and fit body to suit all the film roles she has had!

Amber Heard’s Fashion

• Casual Wear

Amber Heard casual wear
Credit: Daily Mail

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Tshirt|Boots|Jeans| Bag

Amber Heard Casual wear
Credit: Medium

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Amber Heard Casual wear
Credit: Toopics

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Dress|Bangles| Shoes

• Red Carpet

Amber Heard red carpet
Credit: Bustle

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         Dress | Bangle

Amber Heard Red Carpet
Credit: Xdressy

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           Dress | Heels

Amber Heard red carpet
Credit: Zimbio

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        Dress | Clutch Bag

• Swimwear

Amber Heard Swimwear

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                      |Push Up Bra|

Amber Heard Swimwear

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                            |Swim Suit/Bikini|

Amber Heard’s Home & Cars

There is no much information about Amber’s house. However, in 2015 Daily Mail stated that she owned a penthouse worth $3 million as a closet (which her ex-husband John Depp allegedly trashed). This was one of 5 connected penthouses that she owned in the Eastern Columbia building in Downtown Los Angeles.

She drives a 1968 Ford Mustang. Ookay! Did you find yourself asking why she doesn’t own a Tesla? Elon Musk is an ex-boyfriend, remember?

However, she has a large collection of cars from a variety of manufacturers; Mercedes, Audi, Toyota Prado, etc.

Amber also has a dog called Pistol- Golden teacup Yorkie.

What to know another surprising fun fact? She is a pro-gun with a .357 Magnum gun!

Parting Shot

Amber Heard is definitely a power woman! Her success and ambassadorial work tell it all. For all fashion lovers, did you see her elegant looks! I have to agree it comes with the big buck but you know being fashionable doesn’t mean you have to break the bank! Here are some affordable options where you can get top quality, classy and elegant fashion items without overspending or getting into debt. Look out for our other biographies of power women across the globe!

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