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MOAW is all about Empowering THE WOMAN in every possible way. 

Particularly Social, Economic, Psychological, and Educational Empowerment.

I remember the day I bore the idea. My mom, who lives in upcountry was packing food stuff for me to carry back to the city (this is always her, ever caring and giving). I knew she is actively involved in women groups and empowerment, she always has been. So I asked her “Mom,what do you think women need most or lack?”. As if she had already heard this question before or was thinking about the same thing, she answered, “Economic Empowerment!”. She was very specific, ECONOMIC empowerment (I will narrate the whole conversation on our blog).

This conversation got thinking, “How can I empower the woman next door, even in the smallest way possible?”

This is how and why I founded MOAW.

MOAW is all about providing as much INFORMATION to the woman as possible for them to LEARN and lead better and holistic lives. This will drive the Educational, Psychological, as well as Social Empowerment aspects.

MOAW also provides  a platform for women-led businesses and women-related products and services that empower the women through their solutions. The platform is also built to empower the businesses and at the same time providing solutions to the women. This is why we partner with businesses across the world to showcase their women-related products and services. The partnerships with these businesses also help us support this course actively.


making of a woman

Every woman has a story. A unique story, big or small. A happy story. A sad story. A scary story. A funny story. A weird story. A story that has changed her, inspired her, challenged her, and molded her to become the beautiful self she is now. Whichever is your story, it’s yours. Proudly own it.

And as long as we live, we wake up to make and live our stories.

We share real stories that inspire and nurture holistic women.

We don’t have to figure out this life alone.

We partner with these businesses and professionals, who also have the common goal of providing top quality solutions to women. Therefore, through these partnerships and affiliations, our platform contains affiliate links and advertisements; meaning that we get a commission if you buy a product or service through the link (this does not affect you in any way). This is applicable to some but not all links and ads.

Join the community and share it with your fellow women. I can promise you, with the right mindset and will power, you will become a better woman every day.

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